Sunday, February 9, 2014

Test of Time Review: Canon EOS 5D Classic

In today's somewhat crowded prosumer full-frame DSLR market, it's easy to forgot that only nine years ago such a category didn't even exist. Full-Frame bodies were reserved for studio professionals and even those offerings were sparse. Choice was limited to the Canon 1DS and and Kodak's DCS Pro series for Canonand Nikon mounts, and even then the bodies were heavy and had integrated vertical grips. Not until 2005's introduction of the Canon EOS 5D - the first (semi) affordable standard-sized full-frame DSLR.

Now more commonly known by the retronym of '5D Classic' to differentiate from later generations of 5D, it's become a popular choice for enthusiasts in 2014 who are looking for a low-priced full-frame body. And for around $500 it represents an excellent value, especially for those with a large selection of EF lenses. But is it still worth that much when you get a much better performing DSLR with more features for around the same price? Let's find out.