Friday, November 22, 2013

Canon EOS M & 90EX Review

By late 2011, all of the major industry players had jumped onto the mirrorless camera bandwagon...except for Canon. When they did finally enter the ring in summer 2012, they did so with a compact entry-level mirrorless body containing an APS-C sensor. And to date, it remains the only camera using the EF-M mount as Canon have yet to announce a successor.

The result was in all likelihood a commercial failure - and it deserved to be. Despite having a feature set similar to the $500 m4/3 and Sony bodies of the time, the $800 EOS M had little to go on in terms of value or differentiating features. But now that it's around $300 with one of the two kit lenses, it's suddenly a tempting buy. That latter price point is the one that I caved at, making the EOS M the first camera I've ever bought new. After using it extensively for the past 4 months, I've grown to like it, though it has its quirks.