Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Test of Time Review: Canon EOS 350D/Rebel XT

The Canon EOS 350D was the successor to the highly-innovative 300D, the body that helped make DLSR photography cheap and accessible to the masses. But unlike its predecessor, the 350D didn't suffer from an intentional crippling of its feature set to avoid cannibalizing sales of the XXD series. In 2005, it offered incredible bang for your buck at $900, an amount we'd laugh at today for a body of its performance level. Nonetheless, a 350D can run as low as $80 on the used market, less than even the lowest-end point-and-shoots from major brands. The low price, combined with small size and ease of use, make it a tempting buy for those who want to get their foot into the DSLR door without risking much cash.

Fast forward eight years and the industry has changed drastically, with entirely new categories of interchangeable lens bodies, and a multitude of affordable bodies available. With seven newer generations of digital rebels available since 2005, is the 350D still worth its low used market price of <$100? Let's find out.